Types of Engineering Courses in India

From past few years, engineering has become a very common profession. We can quickly find students with B.tech and M.tech degrees around us. The rapid increase in engineering students is because of so many institutions all around of country. Besides various government institutions, more and more private institutions are being opened for providing the engineering degree. Now, everyone doesn’t want to take affiliation from universities, in fact, want to set up their universities for running all academic degrees.


After the 19th century, education boards have brought various changes in the 4-year engineering degree. Starting from the admission procedure, all the processes of the engineering courses have been completely changed over the past few years. Now, only specific subjects that provide real-time benefits are taught to the engineering students. Like foreign countries, India also has developed huge engineering courses for a massive human population. Let us look at various engineering courses that are offered by Indian engineering colleges:

Let us look at various engineering courses that are offered by Indian engineering colleges:

Note* : Admissions to B Tech Lateral Programs have also started in India. Students can apply to various colleges which are offering Engineering and Lateral Entry Program admission to make a better future. Some of the top b tech lateral entry college is Chitkara University according to this quora reply.

  1. Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

The science that deals with designing and building of aircraft, spacecraft, missiles and spaceships is known as aerospace engineering. Candidates not only learn about earth’s environment but also acquire information about the atmosphere of other planets. This course plays an important role in the huge success of astronauts and space pilots.

  1. Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering

In this course, candidates acquire knowledge about different crops, climatic conditions and overall environment. The focusing areas of agricultural engineering are land conservation, irrigation facilities, agricultural products storage, resource planning and fertilizers use. By knowing how to use agricultural devices and how to control soil erosion candidates become better agricultural engineers.

  1. Automobiles Engineering

Automobiles Engineering

Other than mechanical engineering, this course specifically focuses on manufacturing of automobiles and motor vehicles. The production and management of automobiles are also carried out by an automobile engineer.

  1. Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

In this engineering, candidates learn about a huge number of chemicals. They carry out various practicals and experiments for developing chemical products for consumers. Almost entire chemistry is taught in this 4-year engineering course.

  1. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

This professional engineering course cares about designing and constructing of roads, dams and bridges. The maintenance of these canals and buildings is also carried out by civil engineers. This engineering course offers massive job opportunities.

  1. Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

The course that particularly deals with electrical devices (the devices that operate at high voltages) is known as electrical engineering. Some common electrical devices are

  • Electric Motors
  • Transmission Lines
  • Electrical Generators
  1. Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Besides electrical engineering, institutes also offer electronics and communication course. In this course, candidates learn about devices that operate and at low voltages. Most popular electronic devices are transistors, diodes and remote control machines. And communication engineering explains about different tools and resources for achieving conversation. Candidates get in-depth knowledge about GSM, CDMA, DSS under this engineering course. On of the most famous engineering colleges in India which have got top placements records and companies ties up are located in North India.

  1. Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Instrumentation and Control Engineering

This course specifically explains about technologies for measuring and controlling systems. This trade also focuses on communication, computation and direction analysis. Specific outputs for inputs of systems are easily calculated by completing the engineering degree in this course. Both linear and non-linear systems are studied in instrumentation and control engineering course

  1. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

The tools and devices of bikes, cars and buses are made by mechanical engineers. In this engineering course, candidates learn about production, transmission and use of electrical and mechanical power. Almost all the mechanical machines are tested and operated by mechanical engineers. Candidates do not get pretty much job opportunities by completing the mechanical engineering degree. Many of the important colleges from Punjab are known for providing quality mechanical engineering jobs and some of the major mechanical engineering colleges in Punjab is Chitkara University, Punjab Campus , IIT Delhi, NIT Kurukshetra.

  1. Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Also known as computer engineering, this trade has seen tremendous popularity over the past few years. Due to the huge success of this engineering course current age is known as the age of software engineers. IT companies offer huge salary packages to decent software engineers. This engineering course explains about production, design and testing of great software applications that operate on a computer and other electronic devices.


Like foreign colleges, India colleges also offer a large number of courses for completing the engineering degree. Automobiles Engineering deals with manufacturing and development of automobiles and other mechanical tools. Electronics and Communication Engineering provide details about transistors, diodes and GSM, CDMA concepts. In the chemical engineering, candidates get to know about the strategies for developing specific chemical products. The designing, testing, and development of computer and mobile applications is done in the software engineering course.

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Reasons To Love The New Engineering

The term engineering was first evolved in the 14th century. Earlier, it did not saw much attraction but after the 1880s, this profession created havoc in all industries. Now, engineering has become one of the common professions of the world. Whether you want to start a chemical, mechanical or IT industry, you definitely require different types of engineers. Engineers are skilled professionals that provide solutions to technical and commercial problems. They use the fundamentals of science, maths and environment for developing these solutions.


Over the years, institutions and boards have come with new patterns and procedures in the engineering course. Unlike earlier limited courses, now 40 different engineering branches are offered by colleges for completing engineering degrees. From these 40, two newly developed courses are mechatronics and electronics instrumentation control. Students opt for engineering career because of large number no of reasons. Let us look at some reasons because of which students love the new engineering:

  1. Know New Things


Engineering is a profession in which you have to deal with new tools and resources. If you do not know how to use these tools, you would acquire the knowledge and become an expert. As technology changes every single day, so you need to work on new and well-designed tools. Not only people learn about these things, but they also develop particular skills through which they can finish huge tasks in shorter periods. Education boards introduce particular subjects which are mostly used in the real life. So, by learning concepts of these subjects, engineers solve vast human problems.

  1. High Salary

High Salary

Companies offer very high salary packages to students that complete engineering degree from the recognised institute. Not only students from recognised institutes but candidates who only complete the 4-year engineering course also enjoy decent salary packages. Within 3 or 6 months, they get fantastic growth from the companies. Moreover, some training institutes also offer high stipends to meritorious engineering students. Therefore, a student can make a very good career in the engineering profession.

  1. Job Flexibility

Job Flexibility

Tell me in which field you want a job? Do you want to be a lawyer, a doctor, a business owner or a government employee? Well, you can go in any of these by completing the engineering course. Engineering trade opens up new pathways for earning massive profits in these professions. If any person feels tiresome and wants to change the job, he/she can do it easily with so many skills learned from the 4-year engineering course. You need to know that not only in engineering but a decent engineer can acquire huge success in various other fields. Due to this reasons, candidates love the new engineering branch.

  1. Creativity at its best

Creativity at its best

Just like a woodworker operates on different tools for creating designs and patterns on wood; an engineer also operates on new machines for fixing various human life problems. Specific skills and innovation techniques are used for designing, building and manufacturing the hardware and software material. If you want to become a better engineer you need to develop better creative skills right from the childhood. 50% of the engineering is only about innovation and creativity. Another reason that people love the engineering is that they never get bored while working on electronic and mechanical tools. In fact, they feel excited while developing new games and applications for computers, mobiles and other electronic devices.

  1. Growth and Development

Growth and Development

This is the very fantastic point. As if engineers think that they want to change the world, they can probably do that by implementing various tactics. In the 4-year engineers course, candidates learn which areas lack behind and which areas need growth and maintenance? Acquiring this knowledge they work on particular things for contributing to the development of the country and the world. By becoming a batter engineer, you can design tools for

  • Medical purposes
  • Energy usage
  • Computer resources

Other than this, engineers also develop products with enhanced functions. Customers always look for products that provide maximum work in minimum time. All these products are designed with the help of better design and manufacturing engineers. So, the growth and development of the country and the world lies pretty much on some engineers.


Many fantastic reasons make the candidates love the new engineering. Now, a candidate studies about specific engineering subjects through which he/she can fix many real life problems. Companies offer high salary packages to decent engineering students. By working on new tools and machines, students acquire the huge sense of innovation and creativity. Through the engineering course, candidates can contribute hugely to the growth and development of the country and the world.

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What is the use of the CAT Exam

If you’re considering appearing for your MBA, you’ve probably heard of a number of different admission tests, including the MAT, CMAT, XAT, JMET, SNAP, IIFT and more. Well, if you’re wondering, which exam is considered the most prestigious; it’s none other than the CAT. So it’s no surprise to learn that it’s conducted by the leading management institutes in the country: the IIM’s. Apart from being the premier admissions exam, it is also the most competitive for obvious reasons. Admission into any one of the IIM’s almost always guarantees a high earning placement owing to strong ties that they have with the leading business in the country as well as a few overseas.


To give you an idea of just how competitive the exam really is; last year alone close to 2 lakh applicants gave the exam to compete for a meagre 1500 seats. This statistic and its long history of selectivity has made the CAT the most competitive exam in the country.

Here is a short list of the top colleges that accept the CAT admission test:

  1. IIM (Institute of Management)
  2. S.P Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR)
  3. Management Development Institute (Gurgoan)
  4. International Management Institute (IMI)
  5. Institute of Management Technology (IMT)
  6. Jamanlal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS)
  7. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  8. Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

How to give the CAT?

The exam is conducted once a year by different IIM’s in the country. Each year a different IIM has the honour of conducting the exam. On an average, dates for the exam are usually declared in August.



  • The candidate must have secured at least 50% in their bachelors or 45% if they belong to SCT’s or SC’s and persons with disability.
  • Their degree should be awarded by a university that is recognised as such by the government or by the parliament.
  • Other eligibility requirements may exist or may be brought into existence by the IIM’s whenever they deem it fit. Details about new criteria can be learnt about at the official IIM website: www.iimcat.ac.in.

Exam Format

Quantitative Ability – 34
Verbal ability and Reading Comprehension – 34
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning -32

The above is the revised CAT format from previous years. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning is an entirely new addition to the format. The allotted duration of the exam has also been extended from 170 minutes to 180 minutes. Another new addition is a written answer section in addition to the MCQ (multiple choice Questions) format of the exam.



  • The CAT is an extremely challenging exam that demands sufficient preparation.
  • Candidates should start preparing months in advance. Even before the dates are released.
  • Given the heavy focus on comprehension ability, applicants should spend time reading every day.
  • Candidates should talk to people who have already given the exam and start giving sample tests from the very beginning to be well prepared.
  • Time management is another valuable skill that goes along way in determining success in the CAT, given the high volume of questions in a short amount of time.
  • By allocating time every day for study and preparation, students will prepare well and be confident when the time comes to give the exam. Good preparation helps to calm the nerves and keep the mind calm.

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